Stewed/Peppered Gizzards 

Before I begin the recipe, I would like to brief you all on gizzard selection or even offals selection. 
You need to be very careful when buying offals. The gizzard of pastured poultry are yellow inside due to the pigmentation from the grass and domestic feed from which they feed on. Be sure to remove the inner lining and fat. When bought from the shops, in the frozen state, it is usually removed already but usually still has a lot of fat in it and some remaining feed or dirt as shown in the picture.

Therefore I soak mine in hot/warm water which melts some of the fat and helps to  easily take it off water and see some of the hidden yellow lining or rubbery castings pop up. 

Also soaking it in hot water helps make sure your gizzards are clean and free from any contaminates.(Yeah i know talking more like a nurse now😂🙈) You can’t blame me tho. We can’t have belly bliss while eating contaminated food. Can we? Anyways , let’s get to work now😘


Gizzards -1 pack/1kg

Pepper – 10bells(depends on how spicy you want it)😉I’m a pepper person😄

Onions- 2bulbs


Garlic-3cloves from the head

Soybean oil/vegetable oil


Dark soy sauce

Seasoning(maggi, any of ur choice)

Salt to taste

Spring onions to garnish

Tomatoes (Optional)


Remove gizzard from pack, defrost if frozen, and soak in hot water (lemme spare you all the other details and reasons since u read earlier)

Wash, cut and blend one onion ,ginger and garlic with two bells of pepper

Put the gizzards and blended purée in a sauce pan with a little bit of soy sauce and salt and place on high heat or medium heat, depending on your level of attentiveness for 20minutes or until tender.

In a sauce pan, Heat up five or less tablespoons vegetable oil. Sauté or fry the gizzards in the oil until all sides are beautifully browned and set aside.

Dice remaining onion, garlic and ginger.

Blend  or pound like I did mine remaining pepper not smoothly but halfway.

Place saucepan on fire with a little oil, toss in the diced onion, garlic, and ginger, tomatoes (optional). Sauté for a while then add the halfway pounded pepper.

Cover and simmer for 5minutes or less or until the gizzards become soft.

Take it off the fire, place on plate or bowl of your choice, garnish with the spring onions or any garnish of your choice. 

Place as many toothpicks as you wish in gizzards and tadaaa 😄 your peppered gizzard is ready😍

PS: This can be served with plain rice, jollof rice, fried rice, vermicelli rice or as a starter. I had mine with fried yam😍

Don’t forget to sign up and comment…Would love to see the recipes you want me to post as well.


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