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Remember those days in our childhood when we used to gather cans used by our mothers in the preparation of meals to make our own inedible foods in our own fireplaces (bukyia as we call it in Ghana)? lol!If you know you know!😁

Well, that was when I discovered my passion for cooking. Growing up in a very large nuclear family, my mum used to cook a lot of meals in a day and whiles she did so with my older sisters, my friends and I would gather the left overs and make our own food as well which was inedible..Lol! Usually when we are sacked from the kitchen, we will create our own fireplace, then gather a few cans and fetch sand and play “cookouts” . I vividly remember my friends calling me “Obaapa” in the Akan dialect meaning “A good woman”. I loved that name as a kid and I always loved to cook inedible food for them just to hear them call me Obaapa.

Fast forwarding to 2012 in University, I started cooking for my friends again and they gave good comments about my food. I started cooking for a few people who couldn’t actually make their own meals or were too busy to do so. That’s when I actually realized I loved cooking. I could get back from lectures really tired and still manage to cook for myself and my friends.

Cooking is something I do for fun, and to satisfy my passion and desire.  I just love love love to cook. So just join me on this journey as we explore a world of recipes 🙈👌🏾, share our thoughts on certain types of foods, travel around the world🌏 through foods. It’s all about the belly bliss🤰🏽.






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  1. Efo Emma Pino says:

    Well as a guy I also did the cans stuff but don’t remember the name tho. All I remember is “Maame ni Paapa” lol.

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    1. Hahaha we used to call it “nkuro “😄

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      1. efoemmapino says:

        Yeah yeah you are right hahahaha y3 bɔ nkuro.

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  2. abbynyantie says:

    Hahaha…u just took me back to my childhood days…I really loved…hoping to read more from you…an update a week won’t be bad koraaa

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    1. Awww might even be sooner😘


  3. Melody Akosua Wireduaa says:

    Awwww Ann am so proud of you . I remember those day’s back in uni wen u prepared a feast when we went to beige village. Can’t wait 4 de great recipes you will bring out😙😙

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    1. Awwwww ikr😄, miss those days😘


  4. Converse says:

    Abynarh I still have your bowl with me. Indeed you’re a real cook.

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  5. drcarmi💉 says:

    Lovely. I’m in love with cooking too

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